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Author of Yellow Button Books



Fights Back Against Bullying

When Yellow Button was bullied by Zipper and Scissors, he did not know what to do until he talked to his Mommy Button. He was scared but he found the courage to stand up to his bullies.


You can stand up to your bullies too!


With wisdom and sensitivity, author E. Sheila Suggs-Armstrong addresses the challenging topic of childhood bullying in her book ‘Yellow Button Fights Back Against Bullying’.Parents and children alike will be blessed by the helpful advice that is woven through the story of Yellow Button and his community. Most importantly, Yellow Button’s journey will encourage children to triumph over the scourge of bullying. This powerful and beautifully illustrated work is a must-read for every family!

Ellen Freeman

Praise & Reviews

Yellow Button is an adorable book for the entire family. It addresses a universal issue of bullying and tells a story of bravery and courage. It shows that with support, we can all work together to stop bullying. It’s a must-read for everyone! 

Edna Jones

Yellow Button is a timely and heartfelt book on the impact of bullying and the triumph of love and empowerment. An amazing book for parents to read and discuss with their children; and teachers to share with their students. Yellow Button is a must-have for your book collection.





Adrienne D. Holland

Balloons Floating in the Air

Official Book Launch

Join us on Martin Luther King Holiday as we celebrate the official launch of Yellow Button and follow his journey!

January 17th, 2022, Official Book Launch

Atlanta, GA  11AM - 3PM EST

About the Author

E. Sheila Suggs-Armstrong is a wife, mother, youth ministry volunteer and graduate of Rutgers University. She is originally from Newark, NJ and currently lives in Roswell, GA with her husband and two young adult children. Because she cares deeply about people who are hurting and how they respond to negative experiences, one of her goals is to show the love of Christ through her life and first book, “Yellow Button.”

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